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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Solutions 4 Cleaning

It’s almost that time of year again . And before we all go off on our merry way to enjoy more food and drink than we’d care to admin, I just wanted
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Feeling foggy with the flu? Try our fogging service!

Many of you may have missed (or purposely avoided) reading my last article regarding the flu epidemic that it looked like we may be facing in 2019. Well, can I
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What role do your cleaners play in infection control?

Stay safe this flu season! I know, I know – it still feels like Summer. So why am I talking about managing the spread of the flu and other sicknesses
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How Often Should I Have My Workplace Cleaned?

Every day, your office, warehouse, medical practice or shop front is a hive of activity. It sees 10x, hell, even 100x, more movement and activity than the average residential home does.
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I’ve Got Waterless Urinal Systems – How Do I Manage Them?

So you’ve gone waterless with your urinals. Congratulations! Water isn’t an infinite resource and any business reducing their consumption is making a smart decision (and one that’s bound to save
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The Damaging Effects Of Mould In The Workplace

Dampness and mouldy environments in the workplace can be the cause of a lot more health issues than you might immediately think! Mould and other fungi can easily grow in
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What is testing and tagging and do I need it?

We are excited to announce that Solutions 4 Cleaning is now qualified to complete test and tag services in addition to our commercial, office and healthcare cleaning services. This is especially helpful for our
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Is your office ready for the flu season?

The cool night air blows through the trees. Windows and doors of homes are closed. Blankets are being pulled out of storage and we scrummage through the drawer to find
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Couriers, cleaners in firing line as government continues to fight the “black economy”

Courier and cleaning businesses look set to face greater regulatory burdens after the federal government outlined plans in its 2017 budget to extend measures in the fight against the nation’s
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Is Your Cleaner Up To Scratch?

As a business, you supply quality training for your team in their role. You invest time and money in your team to make sure they are more than capable of
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