Our 4 Pillars of Success

It is no secret that the cleaning industry can be cutthroat and competitive. It’s not uncommon to see cleaning companies cut prices to win work, securing their clients into long term contracts before proceeding to cut corners because they have undercharged and overpromised.

At Solutions 4 Cleaning we have taken a different approach. Our point of difference is in finding efficiencies through hiring the right people, having strong processes and procedures in place, using the right products and equipment, providing innovative management support, and constantly sharing feedback between our team and our customers. All this means you get a better service for a competitive price.

A great cleaning company that delivers a great customer experience.

Our Purpose

At Solutions 4 Cleaning we believe our purpose is to provide a cleaning service that delivers peace of mind allowing our customers the freedom to focus on their business needs rather than their business cleanliness. Our promise is to always have a well-managed team of certified cleaners and provide them with the tools and skills necessary to deliver a clean and hygienic environment for your business, every time.

Our commitment to continually improving our customer experience and ensuring that we deliver consistent cleaning service for the long term has seen the implementation of
training programs, advanced cleaning software and scheduling, quality assurance reporting and a move towards sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

Hire Well, Train & Support

Our Team

Josh Lear

General Manager

Victoria Palmieri


Having the right team is vital to delivering a great cleaning service. We employ all of our cleaners, rather than subcontracting, and ensure they are provided certification in infection control and work health and safety through the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) before they even step foot on a site.

Further to that, we conduct onsite training and provide them with the right equipment to carry out the cleaning tasks, while offering them direct management support throughout their shift. Why go to all this effort? Because it provides our customers with a great quality, efficient cleaner that you can rely on to get the job done, every time.

Industry specific software to manage our team and your cleaning.

Our System

We use FreshOps a specific cleaning platform to manage our team and your workplace. FreshOps allows us to manage all your cleaning tasks from the daily tasks to the less frequent periodical tasks. It allows us to allocate those tasks directly to your cleaning team which they can view on their smartphones. It records who is at your workplace and when through GPS tracking or QR code login. It allows management to communicate directly with your cleaners and alerts management if they are running late or a scheduled task has not been completed. Your cleaners also write reports at the end of each shift, so management knows straight away if something was different during their visit.

Results from spot checks are shared with our customers monthly

Our Commitment

Would you leave a member of your team unchecked to carry out their duties for prolonged periods of time? Do you like to run multiple sets of eyes over a project to make sure it’s perfect before submitting it to your customer?

How important do you think it is to give your customers regular updates on the project you are working on for them. These are the questions we asked ourselves when looking at how to manage the quality of our cleaning. 

At Solutions 4 Cleaning our commitment to quality means checking in with our cleaning staff regularly. Management visiting your site a minimum of monthly to carry out spot checks and generating a report with photos and comments.

Then sharing that report with our customers and our cleaners along with the simple request for customer feedback. Our cleaning team then works through the report resolving the identified tasks before they become problems.

Experience the difference with Solutions 4 Cleaning

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