Cleaning Services Compliance Statement

We, the management of Solutions 4 Cleaning, recognise our responsibility towards the Health and Safety of our employees and our clients.

The nature of our service is not simply to clean but to do so in a manner that focuses on the best interests not only our customers and staff, but also your customers and staff. To ensure that we can deliver this in our cleaning services we adhere to a full range of stringent processes, executed with the appropriate resources, by representatives that truly care about the important cleaning services they provide to you.

Solutions 4 Cleaning has implemented the following measures to ensure we exceed our customer expectations, meet all legal, regulatory and industry requirements and keep our people healthy and safe.

  1. We have set and continually review objectives and targets that are clearly communicated throughout the Compliant & Quality Cleaning Services business
  2. We have conducted in-depth risk assessments and have implemented stringent measures based on the outcomes
  3. We conduct a customised risk assessment for new clients as we understand their internal processes, infrastructure, service activities and relating risks are unique.
  4. We have designed detailed procedures for our staff that ensure a high quality of the work while executing it safely and responsibly.
  5. We have a robust training program.
  6. We provide our staff with high quality Personal Protective Equipment to ensure they do not get in contact with contaminants, but also don’t introduce contaminants into our clients facilities.
  7. We value customer and employee feedback and have designed platforms for processing these.
  8. We do unannounced audits and inspections.
  9. We have Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Plans.
  10. We continually measure and review our performance and implement corrective actions

The management of Solutions 4 Cleaning is passionate about Work Health and Safety, and we have your well-being at heart.

Owner Solutions 4 Cleaning
David Kelly

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