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What is testing and tagging and do I need it?

We are excited to announce that Solutions 4 Cleaning is now qualified to complete test and tag services in addition to our commercial, office and healthcare cleaning services. This is especially helpful for our clients who require all cleaning and maintenance work to occur outside normal business hours. Solutions 4 Cleaning are able to conduct our test and tag services alongside any of our existing cleaning services – with minimal disruption to you and your workforce. 

Electrical safety is and should always be a number one priority for all Australian businesses.

Inline with the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulations and the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760: 2003, test and tag in office workspaces should be conducted every 5 years, or, all circuits need to be protected by a safety switch.

So what exactly is testing and tagging? Well, it’s the number one method of identifying dangerous electrical appliances. Testing and tagging commercial services go hand in hand as the best way to make sure your office is safe for everyone. As long as testing and tagging are included in your electrical safety plan, any issues with equipment can be diagnosed, resolved or removed early on. Once an appliance has been tested, a tag is placed on it to confirm that it has been tested, who tested it, the test date and when the next test is due. A record of these tests is kept as part of your overall OH&S risk management documentation.

Having your electrical equipment tested and tagged will help to identify and prevent possible electrical hazards. If any malfunctioning electrical equipment is found, you can have it fixed or replaced before it becomes a danger. We have outlined additional features and costs involved in our Solutions  4 Cleaning Test and Tag service here.

In addition to test and tagging, it is recommended that all workplaces be fitted with safety switches or RCDs, and since the Wiring Rules AS3000:2007 update, RCDs (safety switches) are now required to be installed on all new circuits which supply power points. The use of an RCD however, is no excuse for complacency when it comes to the regular inspection and testing of your electrical appliances.If it’s time again for your electrical equipment to be tested and tagged, feel free to contact our Solutions 4 Cleaning team to organise your test and tag at the best time for your company and your employees.

We are compliant with AS/NZS 3760 Australian Standards, with a Restricted Electrical Contractors Licence ( Licence number 85328). You can read more about our Test and Tag Service by visiting our Test and Tag Brisbane page.

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