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How Often Should I Have My Workplace Cleaned?

Every day, your office, warehouse, medical practice or shop front is a hive of activity. It sees 10x, hell, even 100x, more movement and activity than the average residential home does. With that activity comes an increased load of waste, residue and germs.

You know that it needs to be cleaned regularly and that it’s not something household cleaning products and tools can do. But how often should you get it cleaned?

Well, that depends on four factors: your workplace sizebusiness typebudget and layout.

Workplace Size

The size of your workplace and the number of employees it contains is certainly one of the most important factors that will determine how often the space should be cleaned. A larger office, practice or warehouse with more than one story will need more cleaning, but one with under ten employees can be cleaned once a week or every two weeks. Regardless of how big or small your workforce and workplace is – the bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned daily.

Business Type

The type of business you’re in will determine how often your space requires cleaning. For example, a hospital would need to be sanitised daily or even hourly. A corporate or open plan office might not need to be cleaned as often, but the area where clients and managers meet should be kept in a neat and tidy state to make a good impression.

You can find out more about our cleaning services for healthcare and medical practices here.


The frequency of cleaning often also depends on the budget that you would like to allocate. A bi-daily cleaning service could offer a lot of value to you and your employees, keeping everyone healthier first and foremost, as well as happier. Having a clean workspace has been proven to increase happiness and productivity for your employees.

However, if you can’t afford a cleaner that often, then that is perfectly fine! As an example, we have clients where we are on-site each and every day, twice a week or even just once per fortnight. We budget to get as much of the most important work done in the time that we have onsite.


An open plan office with carpeting can be vacuumed once a week, but a showroom area with a lot of glass or mirrored surfaces often needs to be kept spotless with daily cleaning. An office with many windows would also require frequent cleaning, as a dirty windowpane is extremely easy to spot – and keeps the natural light from coming through. What a way to undo all of the benefits that glass windows and partitions bring to your workplace!

When it comes to your work space, keeping the space clean is not only hygienic – it also impacts your employee’s productivity and their comfort working in such an area. A clean office, medical practice or shop with sparkling windows, a substantial flow of air throughout the rooms every day and no unpleasant smells will be one any person would be glad to work in!

If you’re looking to assess your cleaning needs, or need a new provider that is flexible to your hours of operation and specific needs – then be sure to reach out to us today on 07 3160 7306 or by visiting our Request a Quote page.

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