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“The cleanliness of a school is reflective of the care and respect that the school holds for itself.”

When it comes to the educational sector – a simple spray, wipe, and vacuum doesn’t cut it.

With the sheer amount of foot traffic, the repetitive use of classrooms and school supplies – creating a clean environment for the students, staff, visitors, and prospective parents is imperative in holding up the reputation and the standard for the schools.

Child care

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It’s no secret that the cleaning industry can be cut throat and competitive.

It’s not uncommon to see cleaning companies cut prices to win work, lock you into long term contracts then proceed to cut corners and underpay staff to meet their budgets.

At Solutions 4 Cleaning we have made a commitment to continually improve. To ensure that we deliver a consistent cleaning service for the long term we have implemented training programs, use advanced cleaning software and scheduling and have a rigorous quality assurance and reporting process. All this means we can improve our efficiency as cleaners so we can provide a better service at a competitive price.

We also understand the compliance involved with working in the education sector, work health and safety, privacy, security, commitment to supply chains, environmental sustainability are all areas that need to be considered. We understand our responsibilities regarding legislation, auditing, safe work and the need to create, implement and practice the processes we develop.

We look after our staff, because we know that they will look after you. All of our cleaners are employed by Solutions 4 Cleaning under the modern federal award. We invest in training and onboarding of new staff to ensure consistent standards though out your school or child care centre. We invest in quality equipment, cloths and use Good Environmental Choice Australia Products (GECA) to ensure greater results and the safety of the students.

We understand there is so much that goes into running an educational facility, the last thing you need to worry about is the cleaning.

Here are a few more reasons why Solutions 4 Cleaning is the right choice, and the safest choice.

Our attention to detail to our legal obligations is second to none.

Work, Health and Safety, Blue Cards, Anti Slavery Legislation, the list goes on. When it comes to schools we understand there is an array of legislation, auditing and safe work practices that need to be created, implemented and practised. At S4C we understand your legal obligations to your students and adhere to them on all levels.

All of our products are ethically sourced and certified.

We use Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) chemicals, which are scrutinised by the government to meet sustainability and ethical criteria before been awarded the GECA rating. We also use TGA approved hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners to ensure our products do what they say they do and all are COVID 19 rated products.

You’re employing our team, and we have full accountability for the result.

We do not rely on subcontractors to do the daily cleaning. Employing our own staff means that we can manage the outcomes. We can identify skill gaps and train accordingly. We can assess results and provide clear direction on how to improve and we control the hiring and scheduling of your cleaning team. You can rest assured knowing there is a Solutions 4 Cleaning cleaner attending your school who has gone through our orientation training, holds all the necessary certifications and is supported directly by our management team.

Transparent communications leads to transparent results, while minimising risk.

As a client, you only deal with one layer of communication with our management. You are not relied upon to deal with individual cleaners - all communication goes through our directors and or your specific site supervisor with the systems in place to get this information to our cleaners.

Industry-leading reporting, systems, and processes

Our internal standard is that all issues are to be fixed internally with our management and team before it becomes an issue for the customer. Reporting allows accountability, we ensure any mistakes don’t happen twice. We use fresh ops to manage the contracted scope of work and then conduct pre- holiday site inspections to identify any other cleaning issues that could arise that can be easily addressed during the holidays.

Appropriate access is always discussed and agreed upon.

We clean after hours and ensure bathrooms and any other areas are not accessed until cleared. We’re able to do the final lockdowns at the end of the shift, and ensure everything is locked and ready to go for the next day of school.

Periodical cleaning is organised in advance and easily scheduled.

This is a weak point for many other cleaning companies. At Solutions 4 Cleaning we have this all sorted. Schedules are agreed to at the beginning of the year. A detailed list is provided prior to each term break outlining what will be carried out and we organise all the work with our team of staff and contractors. On top of this, we carry out Job Safety Assessments prior to each job and Safe Work Method Statements for jobs deemed as higher risk ensuring the safety of all involved.

We understand schools run like a business and we incorporate the same level of professionalism across childcare, primary, senior, and tertiary education.

Contact us now to have a fully qualified team member meet with you and discuss the cleaning requirements at your school, pre-school, college or day care centre.

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