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Is Your Cleaner Up To Scratch?

As a business, you supply quality training for your team in their role. You invest time and money in your team to make sure they are more than capable of doing their job to a high quality and standard. A medical centre has qualified doctors, nurses, and medically trained administration staff. A school has qualified teachers, librarians, and guidance officers. They’d never consider hiring anyone that’s unqualified or untrained.

Well guess what, the chances are they do.

When was the last time you checked the credentials of your cleaner? Has your cleaner kept up-to-date with the latest cleaning methods? Are they familiar with the latest products on the market and which product to use on which surface? Do they hold the correct insurances relevant to your industry?

A cleaner, while mostly unseen, is an integral part of your team. Whether they are on-staff or contract cleaners, what they do impacts your team and your business.

On the 5th March 2015 FM Magazine interviewed Barbara Connolly of the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia. She stated ‘A common perception is that cleaning is the poor cousin of the facilities management sector, something anyone can do. No skill is required to vacuum a floor or empty a bin, a job completed after hours, out of sight, out of mind. Yet, the cleaning industry is worth some $4 billion annually to the Australian economy.’ She went on to say ‘Training is the key element to raising the standards and professionalising the industry.’

Businesses invest a huge amount of time and money on their team to ensure top results. Very few bothers to ask their cleaners what investment they are making in training and upskilling their team. Regarding the sub-contractor or the sole operator it is more likely to be very little. Some cleaners are cleaning today the same way they did ten years ago, and that’s a backward step for your workplace.

We encourage all businesses, schools, medical facilities, hospitality venues to book a meeting with your cleaner today. Ask them to show you:

  1. Evidence they follow relevant Australian guidelines and standards suitable for your workplace.
  2. How they keep up-to-date with the latest cleaning technologies, new cleaning methods and new products. Domestic cleaning products purchased from the supermarket shelf are not industry quality and won’t clean your workplace to a quality hygienic state. Cleaning is not just about removing the dirt that you see, it is also about removing the germs that you can’t see. Your cleaner needs to be using commercial grade products that sanitise as well as clean.
  3. Their knowledge on surface protection, (right products and methods so as not to damage fixtures and fittings). Ask them what products they are using to clean your workplace.
  4. How they minimise the impact on your business – their efficacies and cost savings to you. For example, working in a manner that minimises electricity consumption.
  5. They’ve the correct insurance cover for the work they do on your behalf. Beware, basic insurance covers mostly domestic and office cleaning only. Medical reception and administration areas is different from office and this needs to be reflected in their cover. Hospitality cleaning is also an independent cover. We recommend speaking with a reputable insurance broker.
  6. How they are investing in research and development. Do they subscribe to industry magazines, are they members of an industry group, do they attend industry meetings or seminars?
  7. How they invest in their cleaning team. Do they supply regular training, do they offer traineeships or opportunities for their team to upskill and become qualified?

Once you have asked these questions of your cleaner, then you need to decide if you want to continue to use them. If your cleaner cannot supply to you evidence of any of the above seven points, then you need to seriously consider looking for someone who can.

A proper cleaning company looks for better, more efficient, ways to work while achieving quality results. They stay up to date with policies, guidelines and compliance regulations and challenge their methods regularly to ensure quality and improvement in results.

Solutions 4 Cleaning management recognise our duty towards the Health and Safety of our employees and our clients. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a Health and Safety Management System that’s compliant with AS 4801: 2001. We adhere to a full range of stringent processes, executed with the appropriate resources. Our team truly care about the important cleaning services they supply to you. Contact Brisbane medical centre cleaning experts today.

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