In workplaces where the margin for error is small, can you be absolutely sure that your cleaning company is consistent, compliant, and on the path of continuous improvement?

We can.

In 2012, Solutions 4 cleaning moved into healthcare. Working with a team of nurses, we developed a cleaning regime that looked at the Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, what support nurses & practice managers needed to reduce their workload, the products we used, infection control cleaning practices and general cleaning that was relevant for healthcare facilities.

Medical Centres

Physio & Chiro

Minor Trauma & Super Clinics

Health & Beauty

We understand that along with getting the basics right like moving trolleys to clean, cleaning bathrooms, dusting behind computers, and disinfecting waiting room chairs there is also a long list of periodical cleaning recommendations in the Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

Using FreshOps we build tailored cleaning schedules that cover all cleaning tasks specific to your clinic. We build in all the daily tasks, then build in the periodicals based on their risk profile and guidelines, for example, bedframes in theatres cleaned weekly or bed frames in consultation rooms cleaned monthly. All this is then easily accessed by our cleaners each time they check in to your clinic through their smartphones.

We then ensure all our cleaners are certified with BSCAA. Certification for healthcare cleaning provides knowledge on infection control cleaning, clinical cleaning, and general work health and safety. WHS covers situations like the clean-up of blood spills, handle sharps, and correct PPE.

We also ensure monthly management site inspections and reporting. Photos are taken and a log of cleaning tasks are written for issues that may arise during the month. Those reports are shared with our cleaners and tasks are resolved promptly. Reports are also shared with our customers ensuring you always know what we are working on to ensure your clinic stays clean for your patients.

When you work with Solutions 4 Cleaning, you are working with an experienced team that understands how to provide the solution that works best for your medical practice, health clinic, or fitness studio.

Here are a few more reasons why Solutions 4 Cleaning is the right choice, and the safest choice.

We understand the intricacies of the products and how they work, including dwell times.

We are well versed in the importance of infection control and are certified through the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA). This knowledge and experience is then incorporated into our workflow to ensure surfaces are getting disinfected correctly, and at the appropriate times.

Your team and customers won’t be interrupted.

We understand your employees want to come in and do their job. They shouldn’t need to deal with the jobs that weren’t done before them. We take the pressure of the practice managers and nurses, who can rest easy after their shift knowing that everything is going to be taken care of on the cleaning front.

Team training is always a priority.

All of our team have been trained and onboarded with the exact same standards set for each of them. We don’t use subcontractors, only our own trained employees. We look after them well, because we know that they will look after you.

Around-the-clock support.

We employ the team, we handle them. You only need to speak to our management team, who are rostered on to cover all gaps - 24/7. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times - so if there is anything that needs to be actioned quickly, we ensure it is.

Industry-leading reporting

Our quality processes and checks in place to ensure that no detail is missed. If there are further improvements that need to be addressed, we encourage feedback, and have the processes in place so we are in the best position possible to continuously improve the cleanliness or your premises.

Experience the difference with Solutions 4 Cleaning

Experience the difference with Solutions 4 Cleaning

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