Reduce the risk of an outbreak ever occurring by adding the extra protection of Hygiene ++ to your cleaning regime, it’s simple and cost-effective.

We simply turn up outside of work hours prepare your workplace and then create a mist of Hospital Grade Disinfectant (HGD) which fills your workplace. The HGD is allowed to settle on all surfaces forming a protective film that will continue to kill pathogens for up to 30 days.

Our HGD is non-toxic, non-corrosive and forms an invisible film that you cannot see or feel and does not affect any surfaces. It simply leaves your protected.

Our solution bonds to any surface in the treated area to offer lasting protection.

The nanofilm is made up of trillions of microscopic spears.

The spears pierce the cell wall, killing the pathogen. It then continues to kill pathogens like COVID-19, Salmonella, Norovirus (gastro), E-Coli, & VRE for up to 30 days.

Most importantly, the nanofilm is non-toxic, and safe for you, your employees and your customers.

About Hygiene++

Daily cleaning only goes so far in ensuring the safety of your team and with everything that is going on with COVID 19 we are now more aware then ever that what we can’t see is as important as what we can. We now understand the link between illness and productivity and the effects that it can have on you, your team and your business and we are all looking for ways to get back to normal.

Solutions 4 Cleanings Hygiene ++ service offers another layer of protection for you and your business. With advances in technology and our knowledge of how pathogens work and spread we are constantly developing new ways to fight for our health and safety. That is no different in the world of cleaning.

Designed to complement our regular cleaning service Hygiene ++ offers the final layer of protection against pathogens including COVID 19. Using our Hospital Grade Disinfectant (HGD) and a method of cold fogging we are able to apply a nanofilm to all surfaces in your workplace offering prolonged protection against bacteria, virus and fungus.

What is different is that our HGD works when dry. Once applied to a surface, the active ingredients within our HGD binds to the surface creating a Nano-film with thousands of positively charged spikes that attract and penetrate the cell wall of the pathogen killing it. More importantly, it continues to work time and time again for up to 30 days offering you lasting protection.

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