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I’ve Got Waterless Urinal Systems – How Do I Manage Them?

So you’ve gone waterless with your urinals. Congratulations! Water isn’t an infinite resource and any business reducing their consumption is making a smart decision (and one that’s bound to save money). A single waterless urinal could save up to 133 000 litres of water per year, depending on the size of your workforce and who’s using your facilities.

You also need to keep in mind that it’ll have an impact on your electricity bill, as you now won’t require energy to move water to and from your systems. Double win!

Now that water isn’t a part of the equation, you might be wondering how you can keep this area clean and hygienic – not to mention odour free.

Well, allow us to help. Here’s everything you need to know about waterless urinal maintenance.

Types Of Systems

Waterless urinal systems can operate using an oil lock system, a biological system or mechanically.

In oil lock systems, urine passes through a sealing liquid which is less dense than it is. The sealing fluid sits on top of the urine, trapping it and preventing odour from passing through. In a biological system, a block containing microorganisms absorbs and ‘digests’ the urine. Finally, in a mechanical system, a hollow ball valve of a lower density than the urine is used so that it blocks the urine after it passes through.

Each of the three systems have their own pros and cons, but what they all have in common is that a standard cleaning job won’t be enough to clean them. While you might be able to clean the outside of the urinal using disinfectant products, the internal elements are dry and can be difficult to reach.

Furthermore, waterless urinal systems using oil or biological systems are often not able to come into contact with water or traditional cleaning products. These systems need to cleaned using a very particular method and products.

So what do you do?

You trust the professionals.

A waterless urinal system only saves you money and helps the environment if its functioning as it should be at all times. It’s for this reason that we advise that you get a professional urinal cleaning and maintenance team to do the job for you. Our Solutions 4 Cleaning team members are all trained in managing any sealants, valves and cylinders the system could have, topping up necessary sealants when they run low and removing, cleaning and replacing the trap without damaging it, as well as flushing any lines that require it.

So all you really need to do to effectively manage your waterless urinal systems is contact us on 07 3160 7306 and set up a regular appointment for our urinal cleaning Brisbane service.

We’ll take care of the rest, leaving you to enjoy a hygienic and odourless waterless urinal system that works for your business time and time again.

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