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Category: Weekly Cleaning Tip

How Often Should I Have My Workplace Cleaned?

Every day, your office, warehouse, medical practice or shop front is a hive of activity. It sees 10x, hell, even 100x, more movement and activity than the average residential home does.
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I’ve Got Waterless Urinal Systems – How Do I Manage Them?

So you’ve gone waterless with your urinals. Congratulations! Water isn’t an infinite resource and any business reducing their consumption is making a smart decision (and one that’s bound to save
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Cleaning Tip # 3

Keeping to the theme of Medical Cleaning and infection control we can’t find a better product to help around the home then Dettol Glenn 20.  It is great for touch
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Cleaning Tip # 2

Domestic cleaning products seem to be very poorly labeled.  In fact in most cases we have been unable to find active ingredients, dilutions rates, what the product is supposed to be
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