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Pure water, a game changer when it comes to safe cleaning practices.

Pure water has been around for a while but with advances in technology and the need to adopt safer cleaning methods it has really started to become the preferred alternative when it comes to glass cleaning for up to approximately 6 stories.

The system works quite simply. You connect a filter to your regular water outlet. The water from the tap runs through the filter removing all minerals and effective leaving the water pure. The pure water is then fed up the extension pole and straight onto the glass through the brush attachment. Through the process of agitation dirt and grime is removed from the glass collected by the water and then simply runs away. The glass is then left to air dry and this is where the use of pure water comes into play. It is the minerals in the water that leave the unsightly spots on the glass as the water drys. No minerals in pure water means no spots, leaving you with the perfect finish.

So why so safe, well where do I begin. No chemicals just water is a great start, you are standing on the ground so there is no need for abseiling, scissor lifts or scaffolding and the equipment is carbon fiber so it is super light. It really is the dream cleaning method for any OH & S supervisor. It is also easy to set up and uses exiting taps and power, and so long as you take the general precautions to notify pedestrians of potential trip hazards this method becomes the most desired method of glass cleaning from a safety & results perspective.

If you would like to find out more about pure water glass cleaning you can get in touch with the team at Solutions 4 Cleaning. We are always looking for better, safer ways to clean and it is very exciting to be able to add this method of cleaning to our arsenal.

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