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How Does Poor Hygiene Affect Me? I Wash My Hands

I want to introduce you to Bob.

Bob is an office worker in a medium sized business and he shares a cubicle and telephone with a colleague. Bob loves to drink coffee.
He walks into the kitchen, opens the cupboard to get out a coffee cup.

He then rummages through the cutlery drawer trying to find a teaspoon. He grabs the coffee and sugar jar from the shelf; opens the fridge and reaches in for the milk. The milk has been pushed towards the back so Bob moves lunches out of the way to get to it.

On the way back to his work station, Bob likes to stop at another colleague’s desk. If she’s busy on the phone he’ll wait. While waiting, he plays with her stapler or fiddles with the paperclips in the container on her desk. He may look at some of the papers in her in-tray. After his chat, he’ll return to his desk and dial the phone number for a client he must catch up with.

Nothing strange about Bob or that story. Though, I should let you know that before making his coffee Bob went to the bathroom, and he didn’t wash his hands. He never washes his hands. Every surface contact that Bob has made is now contaminated. Also, the office is cleaned only once a week by the boss’ sister, using just standard cleaners from the supermarket, and one cloth for all surfaces. She doesn’t always remember to wipe down the cupboard doors or the fridge.

Do you have a Bob in your office?

How clean is your office?

Does your cleaner supply specialised, quality and hygienic cleans?

Do you have staff that are always sick?

What you need is a professional cleaning service that can ensure your surfaces are truly clean.

Since 2011, Solutions 4 Cleaning have been providing a cleaning service to offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, schools, gyms, and property managers in and around Brisbane.

Our focus is to not simply make a workplace look clean but to ensure that it is a healthy environment for you and your employees.

To ensure that we confidently meet our obligation, we focus on always staying up to date with best cleaning practices, technology, and infection control research.
We understand how to keep your workplace clean and healthy.

We know many cleaning organisations are not delivering on their cleaning obligation to their customers. That is, to clean in a way that leaves your workplace looking clean as well as truly being clean.

Solutions 4 Cleaning is different. We understand cleaning on a microbial level and know how to keep your workplace clean and healthy.

Solutions 4 Cleaning:

  1. Can identify what level of service you need. Daily, weekly, fortnightly general services are all available as well as specialised cleaning service for that extra sparkle.
  2. Have a fantastic team of employees with great support.
    Cleaning is often seen as set and forget. We are continually working to improve the quality of our staff with ongoing coaching and support.
  3. Use market leading, certified cleaning products.
    We use the right products on the right surface and have a range of products including disinfectants that still work even when we are not there.
  4. Analyse our results and collect microbial data.
    Most cleaning companies do quality checks, so do we. We just take it a step further with microbial counts, ensuring surfaces are truly clean.
  5. Put all this together to deliver a cleaner service you can trust and depend on.
    Ask your current cleaner if they can match the level of service that we offer. If they can’t then stop using them.
    Stop paying sick leave for your staff or putting up with sick staff coughing and sneezing while at work. Your staff and colleagues deserve a healthy environment to work in.
    A clean and healthy workplace = happy and healthy staff.

Experience the difference with Solutions 4 Cleaning

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