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Spring clean, in Brisbane…. A good Autumn clean needs to be our mantra.

Spring Cleaning was all about cleaning up after that long winter with the house closed up and the coal fires burning.  A good spring clean was needed to remove the layers of coal dust and ash that had accumulate over the harsh months.

But where in Australia and more importantly Brisbane and all though there is a chill in the air this is about as close to winter as we are going to get.  The problem is we are still going to close the house up, turn on the electric heaters and pull the curtains to minimise excess heat loss.  In fact, we will also be spending a lot more time inside. So really this is the time to do a real spring clean to ensure that the home is as clean and healthy as can be for you and your family.

So here is a checklist put together by Danielle Teigen of Inforum highlighting a number of household areas that are often overlooked.

Refrigerator and stoves

Ease those appliances away from the wall so you can clean under, behind and beside them. For the refrigerator, use a ladder or chair to clean the top. And don’t forget to clean the refrigerator coils — doing so can boost the appliance’s energy efficiency by making it easier for the machine to keep food cold.

Don’t just clean around the stove, either; be sure to clean inside the oven (no matter how old those drips may be) and the drawer below (which is a great catch-all for crumbs). You will be amazed how much grease dust and oil has accumulated in under and around your heavier appliances.

If your worried that you might scratch your floor by moving that heavy appliance across it? Don’t. Those appliances are built to accommodate movement, and if you don’t believer me spray some furniture polish on the floor so it moves easier, or, lay down a bathmat with the carpet side down and ease the appliance on to it for easier moving.

Ceiling and bathroom fans

It’s easy to ignore things above your head, but clean fans and vent covers can drastically improve air quality.  Most ceiling fans have a winter setting designed to circulat the warmer air back down through the room but when there running, they’re also circulating the dust. Once a year, jump up on a step ladder and give the blades a wash with warm soapy water to get rid of all the dust.

Having a properly cleaned bathroom vent will keep mold and mildew at bay. If you’ve noticed an increased amount of either in your bathroom, chances are your fan is overdue for a good scrub down.


Microbiologist and author Philip Tierno, Jr., estimates that carpet can likely contain about 200,000 bacteria in every square inch. That’s 4,000 times more gross than a toilet, according to a 2015 Men’s Health article. That bacteria lurks in tiny fibers no matter how often you vacuum.

Do yourself a favor and give your carpets and rugs a thorough shampoo or steam clean this Autumn. The team at Solutions 4 Cleaning are happy to help.

Touch Points

It may seem like a broad category, but it’s easy to forget to wipe down light switches, door knobs and remote controls after spending several hours scrubbing floors, cabinets, counters and more. Don’t forget about appliances handled regularly, like coffee makers, toasters and blenders. Taking the time to clean these items means eliminating one of the likeliest candidates for germ-spreading in your home.

Cleaning machines themselves

While deep cleaning, don’t forget about the machines themselves. Washing machines and dishwashers need routine cleaning to keep clothes and dishes fresh. Many new appliances have a cleaning setting already, but a simple mixture of vinegar, baking soda and hot water does wonders. Many people forget to clean around their dishwashers and inside the door and especially there filters, you’d be surprised by how much food collects there.

Autumn really is the best time to get your home healthy for the winter I mean lets face we would all rather head to the beach in Spring.

Need more items for your cleaning checklist? Here are a few other areas you might want to pay special attention to during your next house cleaning.

• Blinds

• Above kitchen cabinets

• Garbage cans

• Window tracks and frames

• Soap dishes and toothbrushes

• Behind the toilets and the walls around them (especially if you have small children learning how to use the toilet properly)

• Edge of rooms (use a hose attachment to vacuum between floor and trim)

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