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How invested are your cleaners?

Cleaning is an interesting field of work. The expectations placed on a cleaner are that they provide excellent results all the time, they meet the needs of a variety of different staffing personalities within a building, that the environment looks clean and is germ free, and that all this is done with minimal cost and interruption to the day to day operations of the customer. What is not often asked however is what level of investment a cleaner will undergo to achieve these expectations and this question should be the final question to influence your yes or no decision on choosing the right commercial cleaner.

So here are 3 areas a good cleaner will be investing in. They should not only be happy to share their knowledge, but like me excited that someone has asked for one of the key defining features that sets my team and me apart in the field of cleaning.

Obvious right. We have all heard knowledge is power but without a good understanding of your products, how they are used, what surfaces they can be used on, can I potentially damage that surface and will this really kill the germs. You can’t make any of the right future investments to grow and deliver long term results. As a cleaner I have found that the pursuit of knowledge has opened doors into fields that I never thought I would pursue including my favorite, Infection Control or “germ warfare”. This keeps the job exciting, challenging and ensures I am continually evaluating best cleaning practices to deliver on my promises whilst remaining price competitive in the market.

Using the write equipment and products can save a great deal of time and money for our customers.

Tools of the trade
Don’t blame the tools, this is spot on. It is easy to blame an inanimate object for failing to deliver a result but unfortunately it is always the tool operating the cleaning device that is to blame for the poor result. Good equipment, regular maintenance, the right products and keeping your products clean are essential in delivering a quality result. From floor scrubbers to generators to cloths to chemicals the right tools, clean and in good working order will ensure that work is carried out efficiently, professionally and consistently.

Getting the first two points right will allow you to grow your business and see you looking for support. Training is essential and a big investment both in time and money. However, it is essential, especially as your team will be representing your business even in your absence and the results that have allowed you to grow need to be continued. A great way to make training a little more interesting and cost effective is through the use of industry professionals. There are great cleaners out there who have been doing it for years. They love talking about cleaning, demonstrating new cleaning methods and sharing stories and results that they have or are currently achieving. It is a great and often very entertaining cleaning resource which often inspires a team to achieve more.

Like with any good investment however we look at what sort of return it can generate and here are two main benefits that we have seen through good investments for our customers.

Increased time to our customers
The major benefit that we have found identified for our customers is the saving of precious time. We have many long term customers and the constant feedback that we get is that since we have been on board time wasted through dealing with cleaners due to poor standards and communication is significantly reduced. In many cases to as little as four quarterly interactions when audits are carried out. We also hear that there is a saving in time due to less internal staff complaints, this is a headache that many managers avoid due to our training and auditing processes.

Increased value for money
Often we hear of stories of cleaners that are taking a long time to do a poor job at a low hourly rate or putting it simply 6 hours of labor at $25.00 per hour equals $150.00 per visit, pretty much flushed down the toilet. In most cases we are able to deliver a greater more comprehensive service faster to our customers and although at a higher rate the formula might be something like this, 4 hours of labor at $45.00 per hour equals $180.00 per clean and with a guaranteed result. Due to our ability to deliver, this actually equates to a saving of $120.00 per clean not an increase of $30.00 as the $150.00 isn’t simply flushed away.

There are obviously many more benefits to our customers, increased confidence in results, less customer complaints, reduced absenteeism in the work place, increased productivity and a healthier work environment. In our healthcare facilities a reduced risk of healthcare associated infections through the use of correct equipment, cloths and chemicals that all meet Australian Guidelines are just a few but they should all get you wanting to ask that simple question about your cleaners. How invested are your cleaners?

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