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A 500 RLU (measurement of cleanliness) is a pass we got a 6 RLU

Check this out we are challenging even the toughest benchmarks.

It is suggested that a 250 RLU (a measurement of cleanliness) be used as a stretch goal pass value to drive continuous improvement and the development of best cleaning practices.

The images below are from one of our offices cleaned weekly. Our disinfectants keep RLU below the 250 stretch goal throughout the week. Our initial measurement taken on arrival was 148 RLU and we measured a 6 RLU after our clean.

We have adopted best practices and products that allow us to smash the 250 stretch goal results even when we are only cleaning weekly. Get in touch if you want to know more about RLU measurements of cleanliness we would be delighted to come in and have a look at your workplace.

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